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Dump your rom here in zip form
Do the following when u are on fastboot Fastboot reboot fastboot And make sure u open device manager to update the driver after u run the command Next download the generic product_gsi.img which is...
Exactly But u can Edith on recovery and also build.prop On some A/b Without root When on gsi Apart for lineage
Just flash back stock super for your phone and u can start over for gsi issue
U can unlock the bootloader if OEM is enable before the screen got damage and u can not not flash userdata back because it will ask u to factory reset again for u to use it Another option is that ...
Download your bootlogo inform of And copy and replace in /system/media Or /product/media
Have u heard of UKA magisks module? It will do your job Just copy the system.img or super.img into /data/local/unpacker_super And open termux and type su Hen hit enter Then type menu
oneofmanyacdcfans Wrote: (21-10-2023, 01:57 AM) -- "Too many links" error is caused by USB 3.0 port. You must use USB 2.0 port in order for the fastboot boot recovery.img to work (in the case of boot...
Summit and Waite or u follow the contributor's link videos on youtube
If u know uare ported correctly is either drop your stock recovery or u repartition your with ro2rw
maxpayne Wrote: (05-10-2023, 03:24 PM) -- PotatoMaster Wrote: (30-09-2023, 12:52 PM) -- Hi. Great day. I am looking for firehose programmer file for snapdragon 695. Is there anyone here that has it ...


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