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X3non Wrote: (29-09-2020, 12:12 PM) -- alumi4skop Wrote: (28-09-2020, 01:14 PM) -- I needed help in sn writter a tool use to write imei number, it gives me this error "only when enable checksum,imei...
I needed help in sn writter a tool use to write imei number, it gives me this error "only when enable checksum,imei can only be 14 or 15", pls help me house asap,pls abeg a screenshot is attach
I do use this software EaseUs Tools M Beta,it disable software upadate
Let me help u out,I once use ulefone power 3s and during root I mistakenly patch wrong boot IMG ,which cause screen distortion of words and graphics, I contacted ulefone via email and a full ROM links...
Eh gosh,mtk ain't gonna work on your phone ,it's part of CTS test suite for android 8.1 and above,for the device to pass this test u got to remove mtk engineering app,back to LTE unlock,u can't alter ...
Make sure you updated,as in download the latest platform tools,it will surely solve this problem,I encountered this too
Ask around first,like I think flashing dm_verity via twrp   works but make sure u perform full nandroid backup first
Did u unlock your bootlaoder,try to Unlock your bootloader,search hovatek forum on how to unlock bootloader then proceed with the adb command
I encountered same prolem untill I update my platform tool ,try updating the platform tools to latest then try,same on my umi F1
I think there is a tool at umidigi official forum that can solve ur problem, couldn't remember the name but a moderator listed it there, u just need to do a check
Chai, try plus messenger since telegram is an open source, it do save file with its original name and its far better than original telegram and adds a lot of customization
Thought it's mtk ,it's be long I work on dat chipset since d days of Gretel u5,I don't know it still exist cos I havent seen them lately promoting new soc with their merger with intel except one ,well...
After that code it will take u to engineer mode ,click on connectivity ,den locate cds information, then radio information,select phone 1 ,type EG and u will see a pop up at+egmr 17 which is phone SIM...
3.U may post dis code in dial pad [NEGATIVE SQUARED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B]*#*#3646633#*#* [/B] Sent from my F1 using Hovatek Mobile
1.Search mtk engineering app on playstore or mtk engineering app plus ,if the former does not work,the second will work,after download ,there are some steps to b taken thereafter,it's safer ...
find ur ROM at needrom or contact ur phone maker,I contacted ulefone sometimes ago fro example and I was provided a link for my full ROM link,try DAT if u are answered ,then port a twrp using twrp p...
rooting ain't like DAT anymore,gone are d days of android 4x and below,android is more tight now,unlocking boot loader,interaction with OEM for unlock codes,chipset type ,and passing through numerous...
gbubemi Wrote: (07-11-2018, 12:57 AM) -- good morning . i did a manual format on my phone with sp flash tool , then i flash it with sp flash tool ..... after that my screen gose blank after some minu...