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I haven't tried firmware though, can i5do that??
Hello Enigma TECNO F1 boots up and gives so many prompts, all apps are unfortunately stopping, it can't even allow you to operate, I've tried flashing its file with no success.  I have attached a ph...
There is this tecno f1 phone that has its apps stopping unfortunately and can't allow me to operate the phone because of the many prompts on Screen. HARD RESET didn't help. miracle box detects the dev...
I have the same phone as yours, I don't know I will read the system of the phone and send it to you. find attached copy of screenshot.
Has anyone tried removing/uninstalling this payment app called PAYJOY or MKOPA??
I found this details of the phone. what can I flash to the phone so that it can start working??
Samsung Galaxy A3 Core cloned phone hanging on boot loop
Regards Hovatek, I was inquiring if mrt tool is Downloadable as a loader version or does it require box and dongle?
cijs, your contacts please. how can I reach you?
Hi J2MS, there is this software used to recover deleted data from your external storage system, called EaseUS® free data recovery software. You will be able to restore your Firmware, just download th...
I was thinking the problem could be with the sub mother board, {Earphone port} I disconnected the sub mother board and powered on the phone, the problem still persisted, help me undo this, thanks in ...
Hello team, I'm experiencing a problem with Tecno Pouviour 3 Air, its automatically connected to earphone and it displays earphone icon at the task bar even when I am not using earphone. This makes me...
Hello team. Someone help me understand how ADB works, for erasing Android devices or unlocking locked Android phone. What am I supposed to install in my PC so as to make it work? Is there ADB softwa...
Hello team, a question. When does a phone of specific model require a Secure DA and Auth File Alternatively, in what condition should my phone be in so that I can look for those files. And what ab...
Dear team I intend to buy a flash tool which supports many CPU boards but I can't select one between miracle box ,Chinese miracle infinity 2 and miracle thunder dongle am in dilemma hope to broa...
samsung s8 7 cloned mt6580 DA FILE phone dead after flashing the wrong firmware. help me Da file
****correction I have a Tecno F1 stuck on boot logo, I have tried searching for the matching build number amongst the listed F1 stock roms but I can't find one. Find attached screenshot of the corre...
I have a Tecno F1 stuck on boot logo, I have tried searching forbthe matching build number Among the listed F1 stock rs but I can't find one. Find attached screenshot of the correct build number, and...
Help me with whole stock rom for TECNO f1. Find attached screenshot of the build number.