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Please help other firmware of this build TECNO B1p-F8017ABGH-OGo-191223V189 Also preloaded of all above firmware is the same
Please help other firmware of this build TECNO B1p-F8017ABGH-OGo-191223V189
So help me where to get that stock rom of G tide e 72 NAND rom
Hello hovatek i have problem with my phone g tide e 72 i tried to search for stock rom and i found it on easy firmware but when i tried to flash it with sp flashtool it popup error diferent storage s...
Refers above my phone does not finishing boot i tried to flash with all version of research tool and upgrade tool it endup with failed to send usrt data help please
Refers above heading Sent from my TECNO-Y6 using Hovatek mobile
Please sorry but this disturbing me ! Please there anyway to flash or removing password on feature phone like Tecno 340,630 without box? Help please
Thanks hovatek team for support but please help this i'have been flashed my phone via box with rom that igot at hovatek forum .iwas usd box due to spreadtrum driver was not being detecting phone witho...
Please reffers above heading ,my phone can not take charge but it only indicate like charging but draining down and when booting vibrates 5 times without finish and it take long time to switch on hel...
From hovatek ,and i used research download tool
Help please when i was flashing my phone itil it 1452 it crashed on the progress of download system after then now my phone not booting ,is it total briked?
my phone was not finnish boot it ends on INOTE this occured when i was connected data and itried to power off the phone power option popped i pressed poweroff but phone still on and on few minuit phon...
yah! i'have used thi sebastianchulla@gmail.com mail registered but pop up 403 error no permission so how to got access?
reffers to the heading above isaw download link of itel it 1452 but bring errors on downloading help please
Please help me rom of itel it1452 Sent from my TECNO M3 using Hovatek mobile
hello please i took much time to search for this rom but without succes,so if someone got it please help me, because my phone went stuck on boot logo since april ,
Please! no one got pac file for itel it1452 because it's 4 month to now i'm still waiting without any help! so please help if possible
How to buckup full stock rom of itel it1452 on pc?
Even if not coplete just i'm also goes on searching and if i can got it i'll fix it but if well send it to me even not complete.. ,do u have this brand with model?