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Enigma Wrote: (11-01-2015, 06:31 PM) -- Did the PC come as dual OS?  Or you manually partitioned it and installed another OS -- I manually installed it
Yay. Solved... Fix.. Delete the proxy handler folder in one of the system folders
Hi, I have a Xiaomi redmi2...on cyanpop4.3(android6.0.1)...after flashing the rom.. I couldn't browse again... It keeps saying'net::ERR_TIMED_OUT' on the stock browser... And won't browse on other bro...
Sorry for the late reply..m just coming back to hovatek...pick your favourite game there..and I lld try to get u a working download the compressed game file#xoxo as compensation for ma.late...
I thimk.autorenewal 15naira..try sending cancel7d to 5900 then d to 5900 with atleast 15naira on ure sim
simple....try building a gaming desktop...i dont think you cant build a gaming laptop
Lol.... Lmao.... No offence buh i found. 'Say no to Imei Tweaking' very verry vex oh
Yeah... I did... Thanks
You can also search for drivers automatically from device manager if ya pc is connected to dah internet
Sorry kay4dam69....went off because of exams... .. Yeah follow hovatek
Ha....try building a gaming desktop...its cheaper...better ...etc...I can help you when it comes to that aspect
Also check whether your processor is 64bit or 32bit
Yeah watched a movie like that.... And I know a few phone who are smart enough... E.g me. Lol.. Buh majority just burn their money.... Av gambled before.. Am not a saint.. I must say I made quit a gai...
Spondulix Wrote: (05-04-2015, 05:41 AM) -- hydronetboss Wrote: (04-04-2015, 11:05 PM) -- Gambling.....more like putting your future on win at the beginning den you lose st the