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How to use Newflasher to flash Sony Xperia - Abdulakeem14 - 27-11-2021

This guide will explain how to use Newflasher to flash Sony Xperia


Steps to use Newflasher to flash Sony Xperia

Follow the steps below to use Newflasher to flash Sony Xperia

  1. Download and extract the latest version of Newflasher.

    [Image: How-to-use-Newflasher-to-flash-Sony-Xperia_6.png]

  2. Open the downloaded firmware folder and select all the .ta files. delete them including the one located in the boot folder.

    [Image: How-to-use-Newflasher-to-flash-Sony-Xperia_4.png]

  3. Copy all the content in the Newflasher folder into the firmware folder.

    [Image: How-to-use-Newflasher-to-flash-Sony-Xperia_7.png]

  4. Connect your Sony Xperia device to the PC while holding the vol down button.

  5. Click on Newflasher.

    [Image: How-to-use-Newflasher-to-flash-Sony-Xperia_8.png]

  6. In the command prompt, type n, and press enter.
  7. Type p and press enter.
  8. Type n and press enter.

    [Image: How-to-use-Newflasher-to-flash-Sony-Xperia_11.png]

  9. Now the flashing of the firmware will begin on your Sony Xperia device.

    [Image: How-to-use-Newflasher-to-flash-Sony-Xperia_12.png]

  10. Once the process is complete, you will receive a message saying “You can disconnect your device when you close newflasher.exe”

    [Image: How-to-use-Newflasher-to-flash-Sony-Xperia_13.png]

Important Notice

Video Transcript
Quote:In this tutorial, I will be explaining how to flash Sony Xperia devices using Newflasher. so first we are going to install our flashmode driver, so you tick flashmode drivers and you click install.
when you are done with that you download firmware for your device using Xperifirm.
I will be using a Sony Xperia xz2 compact so it's preferable to download the latest firmware, so you click on download I have it already so I don't have to download it again.

When you're done with your download go to the firmware directory so you delete some files with extension .ta, like the auto-boot.ta, cust-reset.ta and so on.
go to the boot folder you do the same delete the .ta file you see in there. so when you're done with that you're going to copy the files in the newflasher folder copy them in your firmware folder.
then you're going to put your device in flashmode, you power off your device and you hold the volume down button while connecting your USB cord to it.
so once your device is in flashmode, you click on newflasher there will be some steps for you to skip or follow so you can just skip this step.
"reboot mode at the end of flash" you can type p for power off so that when done it will power off the device. also skip this step, so flashing has started already.
so you wait for it to be Finnish, when it's done then you can power on your device. so as you can see flashing is completed so you can disconnect the device and power on.