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How to use SP Flash Tool to flash a Mediatek Smartwatch - hovatek - 15-02-2017

This guide will explain how to flash the Firmware / Stock ROM / Individual files(s) to a Mediatek (MTK) chip powered Smartwatch using SP Flash tool.


If you encounter any error then see our list of SP Flash Tool errors and how to fix them

Steps to flash a Mediatek Smartwatch using Sp Flash tool

Follow the steps below to use Sp Flash tool to flash an MTK Smartwatch

See the video tutorial below or @ https://youtu.be/MaKZGuyu4hs

  1. Run flash_tool.exe as Administrator or just double-click if you aren't Admin

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-1.jpg]

  2. You should see the SP Flash tool dashboard once the tool is launched

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-2.jpg]

  3. Click the choose button in front of Scatter-loading File

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-3.jpg]

  4. Navigate to the folder where the Smartwatch's firmware folder is, select the scatter file then click Open

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-4.jpg]

  5. The files should now be loaded in SP flash tool

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-5.jpg]

  6. Depending on how you wish to flash, you could leave the dropdown at Download Only (recommended) or change as you deem fit
    then click Download

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-6.jpg]

  7. Download should now be greyed out while stop should become Green

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-7.jpg]

  8. Power off the Smartwatch then connect it to the PC via USB (without holding any button while connecting), the Smartwatch should get detected by SP Flash tool (Red bar)

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-8.jpg]

  9. Flashing should commence (Purple then Yellow bar), do not interrupt

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-9.jpg]

  10. Once flashing is completed, you should see Download OK (a White tick in a Green circle)

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...ool-10.jpg]

  11. Disconnect the Smartwatch and power on the Smartwatch

Important Notice