MTN Mobile Money (MoMo)

MTN Mobile Money is a quick and easy way to make payments, buy airtime, pay bills e.g. DSTV, GOTV subscriptions using your mobile phone. It is an electronic wallet that allows MTN subscribers to send and receive money on their phones. MTN MoMo is safe and secured. And duly licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

How do I sign up for MTN Mobile Money?

You can sign up for MTN MoMo on your mobile phone using your MTN SIM Card. Dial *671# on your phone and create a four-digit PIN, you will be able to authorize transactions using your PIN.

MTN offers three types of mobile money accounts, each with different transaction limits and registration requirements:

  • Tier 1 – Maximum transaction limits of N50,000, N100,000 per day, and N300,000 maximum total balance.
  • Tier 2 – Maximum transaction limit of 200,000 and cumulative balance limit of 500,000
  • Tier 3 – Maximum single transaction limit of N5,000,000 and no limit on cumulative balance

How to Add Money to Your MTN Mobile Wallet

The best way to fund your MTN Mobile Money wallet is to transfer money from your bank account, you can use your banking app to complete the transaction.

Open the banking app on your smartphone, use the last 10 digit of your phone number as the account number, and the bank name to choose is AccessYello and Beta. After that, input the transfer amount and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.

Finding a MoMo agent in your area and making a cash deposit is another way to fund your wallet. The agent deposits the money you pay into your wallet. For individuals who don’t have financial balances, this is useful.

How to locate a MoMo Agent Nearest to You

To Locate Agent:

  • On your phone, dial*223#
  • Select 1 to locate Agent
  • Enter State
  • Enter LGA
  • The nearest MoMo Agent’s address and phone number are shown.

How to send money with MTN Mobile Wallet

The simplest method is to use your cell phone; all you need is the receiver’s phone number. Simply dial *671*11*1*Receiver’s Phone Number#. Enter the amount, followed by the PIN, to authorize the transaction.

How to send money via a MoMo agent.

  • Locate and visit a MoMo agent near you.
  • Give the agent the money and the receiver’s phone number.
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will be sent a 6-digit control number. Another six digits will be sent to the receiver.
  • Share your six-digit control number with the receiver of the funds.
  • To collect the funds, inform the receiver to find the nearest agent and submit the six-digit control number.

How to Receive Money via a MoMo Agent

  • Locate and visit a MoMo agent near you.
  • Present the 6-digit control number from the sender and the other 6-digit control number that was sent to you.
  • The agent will verify your transaction using both numbers.
  • Receive Cash from the agent

How to become an MTN Mobile Money Agent

Step 1: Verify if you meet the following requirements.

MoMo Agent requirements

  • Be willing to invest in agency business. Or have an existing business
  • Have an Immovable retail shop, e.g., Pharmacy Pop and Mom Shop located in high foot traffic.
  • Valid means of identification (National ID, Driving Licence, International passport or Voter’s card).
  • Must Provide 1 passport photograph.
  • Must have a Working Capital of N20,000 and above.

Step 2: Visit the nearest MTN outlet to pick up a form and submit your details

Step 3: Our field staff will contact you for a planned visit to ascertain your suitability

How to Become a MoMo Agent Through Self-Onboarding

  • Dial *502# with your MTN phone number.
  • You will receive a prompt to approve your MTN SIM registration details to be used as your MoMo wallet ID KYC
  • Select 1 Yes to agree to Terms and Condition (T&C) and continue to the next step.
  • Create your 4-digit PIN as prompted.
  • Reconfirm your 4-digit PIN
  • Your new MoMo Agent wallet will be created
  • You should get a USSD and SMS notifications confirming your new MoMo Agent wallet

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