How to retrieve a MiFi’s lost or forgotten WiFi Key

One of the challenges you might encounter after being gifted a MiFi is getting the WiFi Key. The WiFi key and Admin Dashboard login details should (ideally) be printed on the back sticker of the device. There are however cases where the default credentials have either been changed or the sticker has been defaced.

There are 3 main credentials associated with your MiFi as discussed here. To summarize that article:

  1. Admin Dashboard: This is where you manage the MiFi’s settings and its usually accessed via an IP address e.g
  2. WiFi Key: This is the password you enter in order to connect to the MiFi’s internet via WLAN (if its password-protected)
  3. Account Password: This is your SIM card’s service provider’s website where you recharge and top-up your data

This guide’s emphasis is on the WiFi Key.

How to recover your MiFi’s lost or forgotten WiFi key

The easiest approach is to reset the MiFi using the reset button or pin hole. If this fails or isn’t an option (especially with a missing or defaced back sticker) then read on.

  1. Connect the MiFi to your PC via a USB cable (ensure to use one which supports data transfer
  2. Navigate to My Computer or This PC
  3. You should see a new entry, double-click and install it
  4. Once installed, your MiFi’s Admin Dashboard should auto-launch. You can manually visit the address in your browser if it doesn’t
  5. Enter your Admin Dashboard credentials (lookup the default credentials for your MiFi type
  6. Once logged in, you can view or change the WiFI key, SSID and other credentials

Here’s a video detailing the process