Finding an ideal data plan for TV box streaming in Lagos – Pt 1

I’d renounced DSTV and GOTV for an Android TV box almost a year ago. A few weeks back, DSTV offered two extra months if I renewed my monthly plan (3 months instead of 1). It was a tempting offer but I declined. While I have a lot against DSTV, it might suit you so don’t take this post as a call to arms.

The biggest challenge with ditching DSTV for Live Streaming has been data costs. This is why I devoted the last couple of months to finding an Ideal data bundle.

My Criteria

I looked at data plans from all networks in Nigeria and narrowed down based on the following criteria:

  • Affordability
  • Unlimited / free browsing (no fair usage policy)
  • Night browsing plans should begin at or before 11 pm
  • Moderate download and upload speeds
  • You already have a main data plan so this will act as a secondary data plan

The above criteria narrowed the list down to Swift’s Merit New and Ntel’s Unlimited Night Classic. Tizeti’s Residential Unlimited plan narrowly missed the cut.

The Swift Merit New plan

This plan costs ₦3,000. You get 3 GB for day browsing and free browsing Mondays to Saturdays from 11 pm to 8 am. On weekends, its from 11 pm Saturday to 6 pm Sunday. Its valid for 15 days (it used to be 30 days).

To get the most out of this plan, you subscribe on Saturday nights and avoid day browsing (3 GB) till its almost expired. I also noticed its fastest on Sunday mornings.

I clocked 50 GB in my last test despite Swift being the slowest network in my area.

The Ntel Unlimited Night Classic

This plan costs ₦5,000. You get free browsing from 10 pm to 6 am daily. Its valid for 30 days. Ntel used to be really slow in my area but the speed has improved since they terminated the old WAWU plans . This is probably due to a plummet in their user base following the slashed WAWU data plans. I was doing 48 GB for just ₦3,000 back then!

This is my first test of the Ntel Unlimited Night Classic data plan and I’ve clocked almost 90 GB two weeks into the plan.

Which data plan do you use for streaming and heavy downloads?