Data Plans For MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria has the broadest coverage in Nigeria as of December 2022. They support 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), and 5G mobile networks for your phone calls or internet connection. Data plans on MTN Nigeria span daily to yearly validity periods including several double-data offers on their data packages.

The MTN Social Bundles aka GoodBag enable you to access your favorite instant messengers, social media websites, and video streaming services like Whatsapp, Facebook, Yaba, Instagram, 2GO, WeChat, Eskimi, YouTube, TikTok, Operamini, etc at very affordable prices.

What are MTN data plans in Nigeria?

Here is a list of data plans on MTN Nigeria:

Daily data plans (valid for 24 hours)
Data VolumePrice (₦)How To Buy
40MB50Text 114 to 131
Always-On Data 200MB
50MB Day + 150MB Night
60Text 160 to 131
100MB100Text 104 to 131
1GB300Text 155 to 131
MTN Nigeria daily bundles
2-Day data plans (valid for 2 days)
Data VolumePrice (₦)How To Buy
2GB500Text 154 to 131
2.5GB500use the myMTN NG app
MTN Nigeria 2-day bundles
3-Day data plans (valid for 3 days)
Data VolumePrice (₦)How To Buy
200MB200Text 113 to 131
MTN Nigeria 3-day bundles
Weekly data plans (valid for 7 days)
Data VolumePrice (₦)How To Buy
Always-On Data 450MB
120MB Day + 330MB Night
120Text 161 to 131
350MB + 350MB for YouTube300Text 102 to 131
750MB500Text 142 to 131
750MB + 1GB for YouTube500Text 103 to 131
750MB + 1-Hour YouTube daily500Text 750 to 131
1GB + 1GB for YouTube500Text 142 to 131
2GB + 1-Hour (200MB) YouTube daily1,000Dial *131*105#
6GB1,500Text 143 to 131
MTN Nigeria weekly bundles
Monthly data plans (valid for 30 days)
Data VolumePrice (₦)How To Buy
1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube1,000Text 106 to 131
2GB + 3-Hour (600MB) YouTube weekly1,200Text 130 to 131
3GB + 4GB for YouTube1,500Text 131 to 131
4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube2,000Text 110 to 131
6GB + 4GB for YouTube2,500Text 147 to 131
10GB + 4GB for YouTube3,000Text 148 to 131
Always-On Data 15GB
500MB Daily
3,000Text 162 to 131
12GB + 4GB for YouTube3,500Text 107 to 131
20GB + 4GB for YouTube5,000Text 116 to 131
25GB6,000Text 153 to 131
Always-On Data 45GB
1.5GB daily
6,000Text 163 to 131
40GB10,000Text 117 to 131
75GB15,000Text 150 to 131
120GB20,000Text 149 to 131
200GB30,000Text 111 to 131
MTN Nigeria monthly bundles
2-Month data plans (valid for 60 days)
Data VolumePrice (₦)How To Buy
30GB8,000Text 119 to 131
100GB20,000Text 118 to 131
160GB30,000Text 138 to 131
MTN Nigeria 2-month bundles
3-Month data plans (valid for 90 days)
Data VolumePrice (₦)How To Buy
400GB50,000Text 133 to 131
600GB75,000Text 134 to 131
MTN Nigeria 3-month bundles
6-Month data plans (valid for 6 months)
Data VolumePrice (₦)How To Buy
800GB90,000Text 115 to 131
MTN Nigeria 6-month bundles
Yearly data plans (valid for 365 days)
Data VolumePrice (₦)How To Buy
1TB100,000Text 135 to 131
2.5TB250,000Text 136 to 131
4.5TB450,000Text 137 to 131
MTN Nigeria 1-year bundles

How to buy MTN data packages

To purchase one of the MTN data bundles or packages, dial *131*1# or *141#

How can I activate the MTN Nigeria Social Bundles

To access MTN GoodyBag Social Bundles, dial *131*3#. 

Can I share my MTN data plan with family and friends?

This is possible and is called data gifting, data sharing, or data transfer. This service allows you to transfer data to other MTN numbers (limit of 1GB daily) or share with a group of MTN SIM cards.

How to transfer MTN data

  1. Dial *131*7# or *141*6#
  2. Choose Transfer from Data Balance
  3. Enter the MTN phone number you wish to transfer data to
  4. Choose the volume of data you wish to transfer
  5. Confirm the phone number you are sending to
  6. Done!

How to check MTN data balance

Dial one of the following codes for MTN data balance check

  • *131#
  • *141#
  • *556#

Note that you can also check your MTN data balance online, top-up, and buy data online by visiting

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